Britain to be hit by a cheatwave as we enter randiest month of the year

Britain is set to be hit by a “cheatwave” from Friday (July 1) at the start of the randiest month of the year.

Sexual activity peaks in July with the average couple having sex four times a week – twice as much as in November, the least passionate month.

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And affairs surge by 18% in July, the highest rise of any month, as cheaters grab one last chance for action before the great August family getaway.

The peak day for sex in 2022 will be Saturday July 30, with bedroom activity always highest over payday weekend.

Sex frequency always surges in the summer because we are happy when the sun is out and August is the second friskiest month and June is third.

Saturday is the most popular day for sex, followed by Friday and Sunday.

A survey of 2,000 people by, the UK’s leading affairs site, found that 84% of those polled found the sun to be aphrodisiac and they wanted sex more when the weather was good.

The main reason couples are more passionate in the summer is because they are more relaxed, as chosen by 38% of respondents.

Holiday-makers are also hornier because they have more time, according to 26% of those polled.

Affairs rise in the first three weeks of July as cheaters see their lovers ahead of the school holidays and families going away.

Frisky Friday – when affairs peak – is on Friday, July 22 this year, with most schools in England finishing for the term and families escaping from the Saturday onwards.

Jessica Leoni, a sex and relationship expert, said: “The 2022 cheatwave starts at the beginning of July.

“Affairs activity shoots up by almost a fifth over the course of the month as cheaters grab one last chance for some action before the summer getaway.

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“There is a steady rise in the first three weeks of July and an explosion on Frisky Friday when so many couples will be getting it on in secret just as the school holidays start.

“The pubs are always packed at this time of year with couples cheating and 2022 is the busiest year ever as we make the most of the new freedoms after Covid.”


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