Brit seaside town shattered as plague of rotting seaweed leaves kids in tears

A beach once celebrated for its "breathtaking scenery" has been reeking of seaweed plaguing the seafront, leaving children in tears and businesses struggling.

The coast of Weymouth, Dorset, has seen a mass of algae wash up on the sand, with scorching temperatures drying and rotting it on the shore, creating a "fly-infested carpet".

Having visited Weymouth Beach "frequently" throughout the years, tourist Chris and his family were disappointed just looking at the shore.

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Taking to TripAdvisor, he said: "Our memories were shattered with just one look at the beach and the state the council have decided to leave it in – the vast quantities of wet and drying piles of seaweed.

"Saw children crying as they didn't like walking on it and the days of seeing clear blue clean water where, if you were lucky you could see shoals of baby fish, have gone. We shall not be in a hurry to return."

Lyn Saddington, who has been visiting Weymouth for over 25 years, admitted that the issue is destroying her dream of relocating to the seaside town.

Brighton resident has said she's "hoping to move" to Weymouth by the end of the year but has been left "sceptical" by the town's ongoing issues.

The 48-year-old told the Mirror: "Sadly the seaweed issue is keeping people away and needs addressing. going into the sea!

"Weymouth relies on tourism and things like the seaweed can have a real negative effect on visitors."

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Despite the stigma it's creating for the town, the council are refusing to remove the "unsightly" seaweed, according to the Mirror.

Aware of the issue, Weymouth Town Council has made a "conscious decision not to routinely remove any animals or plants" and will allow the kelp to be washed away.

A spokeswoman for Weymouth Town Council said: "This decision supports our commitment to preserving the ecosystem's integrity and avoiding any potential harm that may arise from interfering with its natural course. Seaweed is an important resource for marine invertebrates and a food source for many species.

"While we understand that our approach may not align with some personal preferences, it is important to note that we are not striving to provide a synthetic, controlled swimming pool experience.

"Instead, we invite visitors to embrace the raw beauty of nature in its unaltered form, which includes the presence of seaweed, along with other fascinating marine life such as crabs, seals, jellyfish, and dolphins."

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