Brit left in serious condition after fall taking selfie from Cliff of Death

A British tourist has been left in a "serious condition" after taking a fall off of the "Cliff of Death" while trying to take a selfie.

The unnamed male had scaled up the rock face of an out-of-bounds area of Vietnam, where locals have dubbed it the "Cliff of Death".

Based in Xeo Sa Lung village, Meo Vac, the Brit tourist had snapped some selfies of the scenic view that stretched out in front of him, before he was hit by a rock from above and fell over the edge.

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He is said to have badly injured his left leg in the fall, and has since been attended by first responders.

The bloke was in a serious condition when Pai Lung first responders arrived, noting the left leg was crushed in parts and his calf had been torn, before he was taken to Ha Giang General Hospital.

Medics halted the bleeding, delivered pain relief and applied bandages and splints before transferring the unnamed Brit to a larger hospital in the capital city of Hanoi.

Officials have since said the Cliff of Death is dangerous and features many large, unstable boulders stacked on top of one another, making for rock slides.

Despite this, tourists often scale the face of the area and head into the danger zone.

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No safety rails can be found in the area covered by large boulders, with the rock formation overlooking a spectacular view and attracting bold tourists.

It is not the first time a person has fallen over the edge of the slippery surface, with one person in January 2021 taking a tumble from the cliff of death.

They received injuries at the time of their fall after landing in a crevice while taking photos of the view.

Their name at the time, like the recent Brit tourist who has fallen over the side, had been withheld.

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