Brit fighting in Ukraine saved by body in blast to go from Rambo to Robocop

A British ex-solider is awaiting reconstructive surgery after being wounded on every limb fighting against Vladimir Putin’s troops in Ukraine.

Going by the nickname Rambo, Shareef Amin, 40, was on the end of a brutal Russian shelling bombardment that saw him end up underneath the body of a fellow serviceman in October.

The body of the man, his friend known only as Professor, is understood to have saved Shareef from the very worst of the brutal bombs.

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Professor was killed immediately but Shareef was able to get free with the help of his commander.

After pulling himself from the hell, he made it out of Ukraine to get treatment to help him sort out his injuries.

Now the Afghan war vet is waiting for reconstructive surgery back in the UK.

He signed up to fight following the barbaric Russian invasion of Ukraine in February but paid a great cost for his actions.

He suffered punctures in both lungs and wounds on both legs and both arms.

Speaking to the Sun he said: “The surgeons are going all out. I’ll go from Rambo to Robocop.

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“They’re going to rebuild one of my thumbs out of one of my toes, and remove an artery from a leg to replace one under my forearm.”

Formerly of the 1st Battalion The Rifles, his Ukrainian partner Helen Vitvickaja, 33, and her 10-year-old lad Platon were still in the country when the fighting started.

Shareef goes by the name Rambo following his brave actions.

Previously he said: “I shouldn’t be alive.

“I was in a shallow trench with my friend, a Ukrainian who we called Professor, helmet to helmet, hand in hand, as the artillery rounds just kept coming.

“The next thing I know I hear this almighty thud. It felt like someone had dragged me underground. I just saw red.

“Professor’s body just went limp like a rag doll. He landed on top of me. At that point I knew I’d been hit. I thought ’I’m dead here. This is where I die’. So I accepted it.”

ACrowdfunderhas been launched to help Shareef and his family.

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