Boy 7 treated by medics after fairground ride breaks leaving dozens trapped

A young boy was among the two dozen people left suspended in mid-air after a fair ride came to an abrupt stop.

The "City Star Flyer" in Hull had 24 riders sat on its swings when stopped working at around 8 pm this evening (October 9).

Ambulance crews, fire services and police who were on stand-by descended on the scene after two staff members climbed the frame to help everyone trapped.

Earlier this evening an eyewitness told Hull Live: "Two workers going up the rescue. Still up there no sign of the fire brigade either.

"They've been up there for some time now."

30 minutes later the staff and riders were all brought to the ground safely.

However, one of the fairgoers, a seven-year-old boy was given medical treatment by paramedics at the scene.

21-year-old Zara Tomlinson, who was trapped told how she thought the ride would "just drop" at any moment.

She said: "We were on the ride for ages. We had no idea what was happening. I thought the ride was just going to drop."

Another passenger, James Goodwin, 22, said: "We were a bit nervous and we were a bit shaky when we came down. It's cold up there and we were getting very chilly."

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