Boy, 17, dies after being buried alive and trapped in a collapsed sand hole

A teenager has died after a sand dune collapsed on a beach they were playing on.

He is understood to have fallen into a hole dug on a North Carolina beach in the US.

The unnamed 17-year-old, from Virginia, was found buried under multiple feet of sand at 2pm on May 7.

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Cape Hatteras National Seashore officials said a search for the boy broke out on the beach in Frisco.

They found him deep in a hole in a dune at the back of the beach.

According to Dare County Emergency Medical Services and Hatteras Island Ocean Rescue worked to pull the boy from the hole.

Once out CPR was performed in a bid to resuscitate him but it was not enough to save the teen.

The National Park Service said a nearby dune that can’t be seen from the seafront appears to have collapsed onto the boy.

Superintendent of the National Parks of Eastern North Carolina, David Hallac, said: “Cape Hatteras National Seashore offers our condolences to his family and friends.

“We urge visitors not to dig deep holes on the beach due to the danger they present to beachgoers and emergency response staff.”

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Social media reaction appears to show that hole digging is a commonplace activity in the area.

People were quick to comment underneath the statement made in a post online.

One person said: “It's time to start issuing major fines for digging holes. Too many people are dying from digging on the beach.”

Another added: “Put the law in effect..No digging large holes!! Patrol the beaches and enforce it.”


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