Boy, 14, admits to killing dog walker by hitting her on pavement with e-scooter

A teenage boy has admitted to killing a grandmother with his e-scooter while he rode it on the pavement.

On June 2, 2022, in Rainworth, Nottingham, 72-year-old Linda Davis was hit by the scooter and injured.

She was taken to hospital but passed away six days later.

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The boy, from Nottingham, must remain anonymous for legal reasons.

He has pleaded guilty to one count of causing death by driving a vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence, and another of causing death by driving a vehicle while uninsured.

He appeared before District Judge Leo Pyle with his father.

He spoke only to enter his pleas and confirm his details before being released on bail.

The boy must comply with the condition demanding he cooperates with authorities prior to his hearing.

Judge Pyle said: “By placing you on bail, it is vital that you keep out of trouble with the police and do not be tempted to use any of these machines.

“I leave all sentencing options available to myself.”

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He added: “I am not tying my hands as to how I will deal with you.”

Mrs Davis’s daughter, prosecutor Kelly Shooter said, will read a statement at the upcoming March hearing.

No submissions were made by defending attorney Neil Taylor.

Despite concerns over the safety of e-scooters for several years, Ms Davis is the first person to have been killed by one in the UK.

The Department of Transport has made clear that it is illegal to use private e-scooters on pavements, footpaths, cycle tracks and cycle lanes on roads.

The charity Guide Dogs last summer delivered a petition asking the government – then headed up by Boris Johnson – asking for them to have tougher regulations strapped to them.

The request came following reports that a number of blind people had been knocked over by the scooters.

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