Booze and stash of sleazy magazines found stacked high in creepy abandoned farm

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Urban explorers have found a huge stash of booze and sleazy porn magazines in a creepy derelict farmhouse in Sheffield.

The cottage-style building, located at the rear of the farm in Oxspring, near Oxspring Primary School was uncovered by the man behind the Kyle Urbex social media page, Yorkshire Live reports.

The explorer, who didn't want his last name to be published, captured the weird discoveries on camera after exploring the depths of the building.

He has dubbed it Alcohol Makers Farm due to the booze, novelties and memorabilia he found there.

The upstairs bedrooms were filled with cages where chickens would have been kept, leading him to believe they were breeder cottages.

Although it is unclear how long the home has stayed untouched, the walls of the house appear to be falling apart the piles of household items stocked up like hoarders home.

A table is also seen laid out with four cereal bowls – as if it is still waiting for the occupants to return despite them being gone for what looks like decades.

Navigating further he went into one of the basement areas and uncovered a morgue table where "I can only assume that's where they slaughtered the animals i.e pigs and cows and chickens."

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Kyle admitted he was creeped out by all "the chicken cages and especially the morgue table that I can only imagine must've seen loads of action".

But we don't really want to think about what kind of action they may have seen…

Gaining access into the extension of the main property, Kyle was "stunned" to uncover boxes full of alcohol bottles and family photos sprawled across the floor, which looked like wedding photographs.

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Going upstairs in the extension, Kyle uncovered a pile full of explicit pornographic magazines stacked high and other family documents such as insurance documents and other personal documents.

The news comes after two Yorkshire tenants came across an impressive stash of vintage porn magazines after venturing into their attic to investigate a weird "thumping" noise.

Daniel Sims and Ash Day were overjoyed when they found the huge stash of vintage European titles – with one referring to the mags as a "gold mine".

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The pair, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, were hanging out at their rented home when they suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the loft, back in January this year.

Concerned that someone was breaking into the house, they decided to investigate and climbed into the attic for the first time since they'd moved in a year earlier.

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