Bombshell blonde influencer shows off injuries from furious catfight with sister

Two sisters who are renowned Instagram influencers in their home country of Turkey have fallen out after a fight that left one of them scarred.

Blogger Ceyda Ersoy, who has almost 360,000 followers on Instagram, claimed that she had been injured by her sister Esra during a fight and shared a picture of her wounds with her followers on Instagram on June 21.

The picture shows injuries on her face and neck, apparently sustained during the bitter fight between the two women.

The pair are cagey about revealing their actual ages but local reports put Esra's age at 36. Ceyda is said to be five years younger.

Ceyda wrote: "I don't know what to do with her. I don't even want to write her name. I disown this woman who is five years older than me and refuse to be her sister. I will never follow her again.

"It's out of the question to even see her face, eyes and her other filth. A poor, mentally ill woman who is even jealous of her own sister."

The older of the two sisters, Esra Ersoy, has some 390,000 followers on Instagram. She declined to comment on Ceyda’s accusations.

A short while after uploading her original post, Ceyda deleted but uploaded a new photo showing her ‘“scars”.

Some followers suspected that the “fight” had been just a publicity stunt to attract attention – certainly no clear cause has been offered for the dust-up.

Esra and Ceyda were born in the southeastern Turkish province of Mersin and are reputed to be members of a very wealthy family.

After winning first place in various modelling competitions, the sisters tried their luck on television and acted in several movies and TV series.

The sisters, who have attracted legions of fans with their appearance and quirky way of speaking, are often referred to as ‘the cuties' on social media.

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