Bodycam footage shows naked Met rapist David Carrick swearing during arrest

New bodycam footage reveals that disgraced Met Police officer David Carrick was naked and swearing at officers during his early morning arrest in 2021.

The serial rapist, who was today (February 7) sentenced to at least 30 years in prison after being handed 36 life sentences, was arrested at his home in Stevenage at around 5am on October 2 2021.

The monster appeared to be naked from at least the waist up, but refers to himself being naked in the footage, which was released by Hertfordshire Constabulary.

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Carrick was filmed sarcastically saying to arresting officers: “[For] fuck’s sake, I’ve only been a police officer for 20 years. Do you want me to come naked like this?”

The video shows one arresting officer asking another to collect clothes and other items for Carrick before he was carted away to be questioned by investigators.

As Carrick whines about being arrested, the officer tells him: “David, just understand: you’re under arrest, okay?”

An officer was filmed saying that the arrest was in relation to an allegation made about a 2020 incident in St. Albans.

Carrick carried out a total of 85 serious offences, pleading guilty to 49 charges which included 24 counts of rape in December and January.

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Prosecutors successfully argued that the violent rapist carried out a "catalogue of violent and brutal sexual offences" against 12 women over two decades while serving as a police constable for the Metropolitan Police.

A judge at Southwark Crown Court said today the rapist acted like he was "untouchable" and used his job to take "monstrous advantage of women".

Carrick’s defence barrister, Alisdair Williamson KC, told the court "something has profoundly damaged this man", adding that the rapist "cannot ask for mercy and does not".

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The court also heard that he tried to take his own life while on remand in Belmarsh Prison in southeast London, but was not found to be suffering from any mental disorder.

Assistant commissioner of the Met, Barbara Gray, said in a statement the day before Carrick’s sentencing that he “should not have been a police officer”, adding:

“I am truly sorry for the harm and devastation he has caused them. We let them down and we failed to identify a man in the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Service who carried out the most awful offences”.

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