Body-positive influencer suing Boohoo for using her slogan on lingerie ads

A body-positive influencer has claimed she is taking legal action after Boohoo used her trademarked slogan on a billboard showcased on their Instagram.

Mik Zazon, from Ohio in the US, has been using the phrase ‘Normalise Normal Bodies’ to promote self love on her Instagram resulting in a large supportive community.

On seeing the post from the online retail giant, she took to Instagram to explain how she had trademarked the phrase in December 2020 and felt Boohoo was trying to jump on the community has built up over the years.

Boohoo’s use of the trademark was highlighted on an Instagram post featuring the ‘Normalise Normal Bodies’ slogan with a photo of a female body in underwear on a large billboard.

They used the photo with the caption: 'Taking over the biggest screen in Europe is cool, but using it to promote self-love is even cooler'.

Mik, who has over 982,000 followers on Instagram, says she was heartbroken by the use of her slogan.

In an interview with Insider, Mik said she's "not against spreading the message", but she is "completely against the appropriation of the phrase for profit".

In a post about the situation, she said: “@boohoo , this is my community. Not yours. My trademark. Not yours.

"On top of my attorneys taking legal action, i hope all bigger brands see this and put the littlest amount of effort to research before taking something that isn’t yours.

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“I will protect myself and my community until the day i die. Because it’s so important. My community is important.”

Mik built a community around ‘Normalise Normal Bodies', which she says changed from a viral hashtag into a movement.

The influencer came up with the slogan during her recovery from an eating disorder, while also combating polycystic ovarian syndrome and lupus.

She wants to help women feel better about their bodies with the hashtag being used for others to share their stories.

In the same post on Instagram, Mik said: “I’ve spent years and years building my community on the foundation of normalise normal bodies.

"I’ve trademarked it. I’ve put so much love, care, money, and time into this phrase to ensure that it’s [sic] mission isn’t taken by someone who doesn’t understand the deep emotions rooted in the phrase that have help millions of people globally.

“I remember when I first came up with the phrase. I was living at my sister’s house and just getting my own two feet off of the ground after leaving an outpatient eating disorder recovery program.”

She continued: “And one day, I clicked the hashtag by chance, and I realised it wasn’t just a viral hashtag. This was a viral movement.

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“As I read through thousands of women’s stories that had used the hashtag as their own microphone to speak up about their mental health around their bodies, tears came running down my face.”

According to the Daily Mail, Boohoo has now removed the advert.

The Daily Star has contacted Boohoo for comment.

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