Bloke wakes up to find giant venemous huntsman spider in his boxers

A bloke has lived millions of people’s worst nightmare after waking up to find something moving in his underwear.

After getting a feeling that something wasn’t right down below, TikToker@dappestcontrolwas shocked to discover something far worse than he thought.

Posting on the social media clip-sharing site, the Australian discussed how he thought a critter might have been wriggling around the crown jewels.

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Come morning, closer inspection uncovered a Huntsman spider had made itself at home.

“I woke up this morning with something moving in my pants and this huntsman spider was sleeping against my gonads” he wrote.

Sharing the clip with his 240,000 followers he continued: "Keeping nice and warm like, look at the glitter in its eye, had a great old time.

"I thought I felt something moving," he added, and it just it just so happened to be one of the largest spiders in the world – which is also venomous.

It’s astonishing how unfazed he was by the discovery, with plenty of people unlikely to be quite so calm in his situation.

The clip has now been seen over 4.5million times at the time of writing, raking thousands of likes and comments.

One person said in the comments: "How is he so chill with this? I'm never going to Australia".

A second added, vulgarly: “The spider ‘was that good for you daddy?’ Lol”.

A third chipped in: “Tell me your Australian without telling me you’re Australian”.

“How are you so calm? I would be burning the place down,” someone quite rightly added.

“Congrats. You're in an official relationship now. I'm so thrilled,” said another.

Huntsman spiders can be found in tropical climates such as Oceania, Africa, the Americas, around the Mediterranean and Asia.

Dappestcontrol has built up his following by sharing content and interacting with the local fauna.

The incredible content gives a look at some astonishing little beasties, although it maybe isn't for the faint of heart.

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