Bloke wakes up to find creature from hell with terrifying venomous bite in bed

A man was given the shock of his life after waking up next to a venomous “creature from hell” in his bed.

It was 7.30am when Jesse Pye, 35, spotted that a rather gruesome-looking creature had crawled up in bed next to him.

He initially thought it was a snake or “giant worm”, but then noticed that it had “dozens of legs”.

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Still not sure what it was, or whether or not it was venomous, he recalled: “I saw something black that looked like a snake or a giant worm, I wasn't sure what it was, but I knew it wasn't good!

“My immediate reaction was to move slowly and grab my glasses and phone.

“I started to film it because I couldn't believe what I saw. I wasn't sure if it was venomous – I've never seen a centipede this big.

“I researched online and they say centipedes escape the heat.

“It's been over 37c every day (in San Antonio, Texas) for the past week so that makes sense.”

After a bit of research, Jesse discovered that the creepy creature was a giant redheaded centipede.

Their venom usually causes sharp, searing pain with individual cases of bites sometimes leading to kidney failure and heart attack.

Having been advised by friends who saw a video he posted of the creature online to “burn your house down”, he instead folded a blanket over the centipede and carried it to the back porch.

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“I shook it and made sure the centipede was off of it,” he added.

The video does show a huge – both wide and long – centipede with many legs, squirming its way around the man's bed.

He was actually staying at a friends house at the time.

Having released the beast, he then took a photo of it seemingly enjoying itself outside while climbing up a wall.

Centipedes in the area are known to average around 6.5 inches, but can grow to at least 12 inches in length – which is both horrifying and creepy in equal measures.

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