Bloke sticks eel up his bum to cure his constipation – but it almost kills him

A man almost died after he stuck a 20cm-long eel up his bottom in the hope of curing his constipation.

The man from Xinghua, East China's Jiangsu Province was using a well-known, but rarely tried, home remedy to relieve his discomfort and help with bowel movement.

According to reports he inserted the eel into his rectum but the slippery eel managed to work its way into his abdomen.

It is understood that the eel entered the colon before biting through it and ending up in his belly, reports Global Times.

Embarrassed by the episode he resisted seeking medical help for a whole day before succumbing to the pain and checking into hospital.

The doctor who removed the eel in an operation told the patient that he could have died due to bacteria in the large intestine causing hemolysis when it reaches his abdominal cavity.

The doctor managed to remove the eel while it was still alive and wriggling.

And the patient was not the only victim of this startling "folk remedy" for curing constipation.

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In June 2020 a 50-year-old man from South China's Guangdong Province forced a 40cm-long eel up his backside.

The same month an unnamed patient, aged in his 50s, sought medical attention at Dongguan Huangjiang Hospital in China’s southern province of Guangdong after suffering from abdominal pain for a week.

By this time he had severe sepsis, leading to septic shock, and was unable to communicate coherently, head of general surgery, Li Jian, reported.

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Doctor Li said: "He came in with septic shock.

"During a CT scan, we suspected a foreign body in his abdominal cavity, but we couldn’t tell what it was.

"Then while performing a colonoscopy, we discovered it was an Asian swamp eel. It had entered his abdominal cavity."

And in the exact same month, a young man in Guangdong claimed an African carp entered his tummy after he sat on it.

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