Bloke stabbed pal with knife after claiming they had oral sex at birthday party

A bloke stabbed his pal with a carving knife following a row at a birthday party about oral sex, Swansea Crown Court has heard.

Christopher Morris, 30, is said to have plunged the weapon into his friend's thigh and when police arrived told them he was a "suspect" using his fingers to make air quotations.

The victim was sat on the floor bleeding heavily through his jeans, with officers performing emergency first aid until an ambulance could arrive, WalesOnline reports.

Sending the defendant to prison, a judge told Morris that anyone who uses a knife to inflict serious injury must expect immediate custody.

The court heard the incident took place in April last year when friends gathered to celebrate a birthday, with Tom Scapens, prosecuting, saying that cannabis and alcohol were consumed at the gathering.

It was said that at some stage the victim of the assault Lee Morgan, went outside to smoke a cigarette.

The court heard that Morgan heard a row take place in the kitchen between his girlfriend and Morris.

Morris is said to have upset Morgan's girlfriend by alleging the two had had oral sex in the garden, with the court hearing that the girlfriend went "bonkers" over the sex claim, which was denied by Morgan.

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When the row became heated, the defendant is said to have grabbed a carving knife with a 10ins blade and swung it at Morgan with a "stabbing motion," suffering a cut to his thumb and forefinger.

Morgan is said to have headbutted his attacker "as hard as he could" before Morris lashed out with the knife and stabbed him in the upper thigh.

Officers noted that upon arrival, Morris was slurring his words and was heavily intoxicated.

Judge Jeremy Jenkins sentenced Morris to 15 months in prison, with half served in custody before released on licence to serve the remainder in the community.

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