Bloke so desperate not to have circumcision ran away from home for 25 years

A man has returned home to be reunited with his mother having ran away as a teenager 25 years ago because he did not want to get circumcised.

The procedure is compulsory for males in some cultures and religions around the world and also recommended by health professionals.

But it is not painless and nor is the recovery period.

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The man, who is now 38, was filmed on Instagram making his return to the family home in the Indonesian province of Klaten, with the clip racking almost 19,000 likes in one day.

In the footage, the man is seen being welcomed home by his family and other people in the neighbourhood.

The emotional reunion with his mother is shown as he walks down an alley and she breaks down in tears at the other end before fainting.

She then composes herself and races over to give her long-lost son a loving hug.

Joko Prayitno, who works as an officer for the district's social welfare coordination team, revealed that the family had been trying to locate the man for decades.

He was only 13 when he fled home and they never managed to find any clues of his whereabouts.

But he was finally tracked down in another town called Bantul thanks to the help of a local YouTuber.

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Mr Joko added that the man's mental health may not be "100%", pointing out that he had suffered considerable trauma.

But, despite having lived homeless in Bantul, his physical health is thought to be good.

Speaking at the reunion, the man's older sister explained how he had bolted to avoid being circumcised in 1998.

She remembered that, on the evening before, she felt he was bravely bracing himself for the procedure but, then, when she and the other family members awoke in the morning, he had taken off.


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