Bloke gets semi-realistic vagina tattooed on face leaving artist baffled

A man has gone viral after getting a detailed tattoo of a vagina etched onto his face.

Tattoo artist Michael Ralph, 40, has been working in the industry for over 22 years but said the vagina tattoo was the "craziest" he's seen.

He occasionally has to deal with odd requests at his parlour in Washington DC, US, but nothing like this. He actually assumed it was a prank.

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However, it soon became clear that the client was genuine. They requested a "semi-realistic" vagina on their face, adding they had a limited budget and wanted as much as possible to be done in one hour.

Michael thought it was a "spur-of-the-moment decision" and asked the client to wait for a month. They didn't change their mind.

"My first thought was ‘am I reading this right?’" Michael told

"I read it again there was no mistake. My second thought was ‘did he lose a bet?’

"I asked him how old he was, because in my mind if he was under 25, I might have told him he needed to wait until his brain was fully developed so there were no regrets.

"Lucky for him he was 26 and then my final question to him before we started was ‘does your mum know about this?’ And, more importantly, is she going to show up at the shop because she wants to kill me for ruining her baby’s face?"

The tattoo artist went ahead and tattooed the vagina on the client's cheek, near the ear.

Michael shared the result on Instagram, where it went viral and received mixed reactions.

Some viewers appreciated the artistry of the tattoo, while others found it to be a sad joke and "true clown behaviour".

"I gotta know what homie's life is like a year after this [sic]," one person said.

A second added: "I’d love to see where this is at in 10 years."

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