Bikini-clad women claim to dodge felony by playing Rock Paper Scissors

A lucky group of bikini-clad women claim to have evaded justice by winning a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

Surprising footage filmed on a boat in the US shows a trio of young women defeat a police officer in three rounds of the playground hand game.

In the viral video, which has now attracted a total 18.6 million views, a brunette leans over the side of a white boat to compete with an officer dressed in all green.

The cop can be seen clutching a piece of paper in his left hand as he competes with his right.

A blonde girl and a fair-haired girl wearing a baseball cap are stood behind the brunette, and are seen celebrating with after she draws a 'scissors' to defeat the officer's 'rock'.

A man seen on board then shakes the hand of the losing policeman.

Now, TikTok star Jakub Cavallo claims the stunt was enough to get the group out of being charged with a crime, writing in the caption: "We got out of felony with rock paper scissors".

The brag has sparked a huge row on social media, with some accusing the women of abusing their 'pretty privilege'.

One internet user joked that it would have been no time for games if the gender roles were reversed, writing: “Don’t try this when it’s all dudes on the boat".

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While another commented: “Being a beautiful woman is a super power”.

Another suggested the outcome of the game was likely not relevant to the cops' apparent decision to not charge them, saying: "I'm sure it was the Rock Paper Scissors and not the thongs".

Others however expressed their doubts that Rock Paper Scissors would ever be used if a potential felony — the equivalent of an arrestable offence in the UK — was genuinely on the cards.

"They wouldn’t do this with a felony, prob a simple citation for not having some type of needed safety gear. But pretty legit for the deputy", observed one user.

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