Biden demands UK, Australia mend bond with France – Aukus done more damage than thought

Biden demands UK and Australia mend bond with France

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Sky News Australia’s Annelise Nielsen reflected on the international relationships between the UK, France, the US and Australia. While speaking to host Kieran Gilbert, she said the three-way security deal, Aukus, between the US, Australia, and UK, had caused more damage than initially thought. She noted that President Joe Biden has insisted that the UK and Australia mend their ties with France.

France attacked all three nations for their lack of transparency ahead of the cancelled submarine deal between itself and Australia.

Mr Gilbert said: “The fallout from the AUKUS agreement continues now the US are putting Australia to make amends.”

Ms Nielsen said: “This has been another interesting development.

“The reporting from the Guardian says now the US is putting pressure on Britain to mending ties with France after the announcement of the Aukus agreement.

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“It shows that the fallout is still going because this has taken a toll.

“The use was caught by surprise with the response from France and a lot of that was down to how Australia handled the cancellation of the contract.

“Australia told the French at the very last moment that the contract would be cancelled.

“We heard Scott Morrison confirm that it was done by message and not over the phone.”

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She continued: “The briefing that has been happening between the Australian Government and their US counterparts has said that the French should have known about this a year ago, that this contract was underwater.

“This is because they said that there were already issues with the contract and the French should have seen this coming.

“The French have said that this is not the case.”

Ms Nielsen also emphasises the political importance of good relations between these countries and the strain between them.

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She said: “What is interesting with this is telling the British to start mending their ties with the French over this but the French never recalled their ambassador for the UK it was the US and Australia.

“We got ours back much later than the Americans did.

“There is still so much two-way trade between France and the UK and there is still so many strategic matters of importance between the two countries.

“It hasn’t shown too much on the surface but the fact that secretary Blinken in this report is saying they need to mend those ties shows that there has been more damage potentially than we were originally aware.”

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