Beauty queen stuck in Ukraine makes appeal to end war before Miss World final

A former Ukrainian beauty queen has appealed for more help in her country's bid to fight the Russian invasion.

Now a journalist, Oleksandra Kucherenko is a former Miss Ukraine.

She appeared ahead of the Miss World competition this weekend to make a plea via video link, as she is stranded in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

The 24-year-old said: “Now my beautiful country has become a zone of war, death and pain. Just imagine somebody is trying to steal your home.

“Russia has invaded Ukraine and has launched a full-scale war in the territory of my homeland.

“During these terrible days thousands of civilians have been killed, about 800 children have been injured.

“Our buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shops have been destroyed – every night we are falling asleep to the sound of air raid sirens.

“And every day we are waking up to the news of more merciless bloodshed on our streets.

“Lots of people have lost their homes, the number of refugees has reached two million.

“While our brave men are struggling at the forefront our women don't stay away."

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The two-minute long video message also contained another request for a No Fly Zone to be put in place over Ukraine – a request denied by every world leader due to fear of escalation into all-out war.

Ms Kucherenko continued: “They are heroically fighting too as journalists, soldiers, refugee caretakers and as mothers.

“They courageously rescue their children from the bomb attacks and give birth even in shelters.

“Miss World has always supported human rights, democracy, moral principles and world peace, now it should join its global movement to stop this ruthless war that threatens peace in the whole world.”

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The 70th Miss World final will be hosted by Peter Andre and will feature a candlelit vigil to show solidarity with the Ukrainian population.

Julia Morley, CEO of Miss World, said: “We must do something, even if it may seem never enough to light one candle, if we all light a candle together we can unite.

"We are asking for everyone in the world to shine their light for Ukraine- post images on all social media.

"A simple image from every person, every family, every community and every country shining their light.

"A billion candles of love and hope, calling for peace and the end of this war.”

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