Beachgoer left covering her eyes after accidentally visiting nudist beach

Horrified beachgoers were left “covering their eyes” after accidentally visiting a nudist beach.

Sunseekers at Playalinda Beach in Florida’s Brevard County were shocked after the chaos left by Hurricane Nicole blurred the line between “clothing optional” areas and more conventional beaches.

One visitor, Daniel Donaldson told local news station WFTV. “You get down there, and it’s completely full of nudists.

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“There’s obviously lots of families with kids that are on the beach,” he added. “There were some just on the other side of our tent, and just nudists walking all the way through and in front of kids.”

Damage from Hurricane Nicole blocked off access to a number of beaches along that stretch of coast, notably Boardwalk 13, which is traditionally used by nude sunbathers.

It’s not technically illegal to go naked on the beach since it's a national park. But some visitors to the area were unhappy with what they saw.

"There's big fat guys laying there like this," one women told Fox35 News. "I don't want to see that kind of stuff!"

"It was uncomfortable. She was covering her eyes," her friend added.

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Some of the signs marking areas of "nude sunbathing" have been washed away in fierce tropical storms at Playalinda Beach, increasing the risk of an unexpected eyeful.

"I'm frustrated because there was no sign. There was no warning for us to know what we were going to experience," said one beachgoer.

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She added that she had seen two men committing what she described as “lewd acts” while children were nearby. However, they finished doing whatever they were doing before rangers arrived, so no arrests were made.

The problem isn’t entirely one-sided. A number of nude bathers who were at the beach told reporters that they'd also like to see the return of marked boundaries and warning signs because they don't want children to see them either.


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