BBC Weathers Kirkwood issues warning over ‘persistent’ rain on roads

BBC Weather: UK warned of thundery showers as rain continues

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Drivers have been warned to take extra care on UK roads as a “heavy” and “thundery” weather system is set to sweep the country. BBC Weather host Carol Kirkwood has reported the rain will be “persistent” throughout Wednesday and is expected to be accompanied by gale-force winds, especially in the southeast of the country. In light of the fierce conditions, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning, highlighting likely delays across the transport network. Drivers up and down the country are set to experience surface water and spray on the roads and have been warned to travel with caution.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood explained: “Now we’ve got some heavy rain which has been coming in through the southwest through the course of the night.

“It’s drifting quite quickly northeastwards, but it is heavy and persistent so there will be a lot of surface water and spray on the roads.

“It pushes up into Scotland through the course of the day and another front comes in, enhancing the showers behind. 

“If you look at those isobars, it’s going to be a blustery day with the potential for gales through the Irish Sea, the English Channel and also in the Northern Isles as well.”

The weather presenter predicted the initial area of low pressure would be pushed northeast by blustery winds, although this will be flanked by a second wave of showers that could turn “thundery”.

The meteorologist reported:  “The rain goes on steadily pushing northwards and eastwards, behind it the sun will come out. 

“We’ll see those showers – some of them heavy and possibly thundery – being blown well inland on those gusty winds.”

The strongest winds will strike the southwest region of the UK, with some areas experiencing gales of up to 59 mph. This wind speed will also be matched in the Northern Isles, just off the coast of Scotland.

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Ms Kirkwood continued to outline the forecast: “As we go on through the night and overnight, the rain goes, continuing to push up into the northern isles.

“There will be a lot of showers for a time, but by the end of the night, many of the showers will be fading. We’ll have some clear skies and it’s going to be a chilly night too.

“In parts of the northeast of Scotland, temperatures could fall lower than you see in the charts, maybe about two or three degrees. 

“Still blustery, still the potential for gales in the Irish Sea and the English Channel. Then, we have got the next system just waiting in the wings that is also coming our way.”

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In consideration of the weather conditions for Wednesday, the Met Office has issued two yellow warnings covering the southwest of England and Wales and the east of Northern Ireland.

The Met Office reported: “For many this will be fairly normal (in unpleasant) autumn conditions, but for a few, there could be a short interlude with torrential rain and very gusty winds.”

The Met Office advised drivers to consider their speed on the roads as the rain will cause “spray and surface water”. In addition, bus, train and ferry services are likely to be impacted.

Overall, the Met Office suggested: “If heavy downpours are expected, avoid starting your journey until it clears.”

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