BBC Weather: Temperatures continue to climb after coldest night in 40 years hits

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said latest reports have shown Katesbridge, in Northern Ireland, recorded temperatures of -6C, which would make Wednesday night one of the coldest May nights in 40 years. The BBC Weather meteorologist said despite the widespread frost engulfing the UK on Thursday morning, temperatures will continue to climb as warmer air starts moving in from Iberia. Mr Taylor said: “Today it will be largely dry across the country once again, with some sunny spells, maybe not quite as chilly this afternoon as it was yesterday afternoon.

“But we certainly being on a very cold note. Northern Ireland especially – it got down to -6C at Katesbridge, making it the coldest night in almost 40 years.

“So it is particularly cold at this stage in the year. And it’s not just in Northern Ireland where we started with frost, bit go a frost just about anywhere across the country with the clear skies.

“Not so much in the far north of Scotland because it’s here where we’ve got a bit more cloud. We start the day sunny, but cloud in Scotland producing a few showers around at the moment across the Highlands and islands, and a bit more of that cloud will push southwards across Scotland into Northern Ireland too.

“A few isolated showers around the coast of Kent through today and into the Channel Islands but much of England and Wales will stay under sunny skies.”

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Scotland and Northern Ireland will continue to experience cloudy skies into the evening and overnight but some of that covering is due to break away and extend southwards on Friday. 

The BBC Weather forecaster continued: “Into this evening and overnight, cloud continuing over Scotland and Northern Ireland, with a few showers here and there.

“Clear skies across England and Wales, East Anglia most likely to see a frost but not as cold tonight as we saw last night.

“We’ve got this area of high pressure nosing its way in, the winds here will be light, a bit of a breeze across northern Scotland but the coldest air is being pushed off into the rest of northern Europe so temperatures continue to lift a little bit here.

“There will be lots of cloud around Scotland and Northern Ireland, again some further showers. Longer spells of rain in Shetland but a bit more cloud for England and Wales after that cloud builds up, spread out.

“Some sunny spells but temperatures continue to creep up, could get to 18C in some southern areas. These sort of values getting much closer to where it should be in this stage of May.”

Temperatures will steadily build through Friday to reach into the high 20s at the weekend thanks to a bout of warmer air moving in from the southwest.

Mr Taylor added: “Then we go into the weekend. We’ve seen a shift in the wind direction, we started with a wind coming from the north.


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“That colder air is now being diverted off into the rest of northern Europe, we’re going to start to see warmer air push in from the southwest.

“But as it does so we will start to see areas of cloud and rain from these weather fronts pushing in, mainly effecting northwestern areas of the UK.”

The weekend sunshine is expected to be especially enjoyable in the south of England.

Met Office spokesperson Grahame Madge told Cornwall Live: “Very much so…. the jet stream has moved north, and that’s one of the biggest drivers of unsettled weather.

Mr Grahame said there is “always the potential for rain and showers”, but added: “The transition from spring to summer is looking largely dry and fine… a good period of settled weather.”

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