BBC Weather – Kirkwood warns gale-force winds to accompany heavy rain


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The BBC weatherwoman predicted outbreaks of rain in northern areas of the country and Scotland. Carol Kirkwood claimed some of these showers would be heavy and thundery, and predicted temperatures ranging from between 12-20C degrees around the UK. Ms Kirkwood warned Britons that the strongest winds could turn gale force, and would be located towards the West of England.

Ms Kirkwood said: “And the picture behind me really tells a story.

“Look at all the leaves on the ground, we’re likely to see more of these today.

“Because it’s going to be a windier day than it has been.

“We’ve also had a fair bit of rain moving northwards across Scotland.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “A second band coming in right behind it, some of this rain is likely to be heavy and thundery.

“So, as we go through the course of the morning you can see how it moves out of Wales and South-West England.

“But there will be one or two showers left behind.

“It’s likely to be dry across most of Eastern England, the rain continuing across the North-West and into Scotland.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Pushing out of Northern Ireland with one or two showers here.

“And a drier start across central parts of Scotland, before the rain eventually clears away into the northeast.

“So the first band does clear, the second band, you can see it here weakens as it moves across eastern parts of England.”

“And we’re left with this residual cloud and it’s a day of sunshine and showers, and don’t forget windy.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “The strongest winds out towards the West, but at times it could well be touching gale force with exposure.

“Temperatures 12 to 20 degrees, so still above average for this time of year.

“Now through this event and overnight, many of the showers fade, we still have our weather front in the South, it flips around then it starts to move Northwards again through England and Wales.

“Eventually getting into Northern Ireland, and at the same time we’ve got another weather front across the North West.”

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