BBC Weather: Heavy rain to batter Europe as wet spell barrels in, striking Spain

BBC Weather forecast heavy rain in parts of Europe

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BBC weather forecaster Alina Jenkins said wet weather is set to come in from the Atlantic at the start of the new week. Spain will see cooler temperatures as it is struck by heavy rain. This weather front will move further through central Europe to France and parts of Germany.

Elsewhere in Europe, Scandinavia can expect wet and windy weather while south eastern countries will see sunshine.

Ms Jenkins said: “This swirl of cloud is an area of low pressure in the Atlantic and that will be pushing showers and longer spells of rain eastwards across Iberia on Monday and Tuesday.

“This mass of cloud by south Italy was bringing some violent thunderstorms across southern Greece.

“These storms will be easing through the early hours of Monday morning.

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“Across the eastern side of the Mediterranean, we start off on a fairly quiet note for the new week.

“There will be lots of sunshine through much of Turkey and Cyprus as those thunderstorms move away.

“It will also be a fine day across Italy on Monday.”

For Monday, central Europe will experience hot temperatures with France seeing some of the warmest weather.

BBC Weather: Mild and humid with some sunny spells

In Bern, temperatures could reach as high as 25C while Bordeaux could see 30C.

Italy and Hungary will see equally high temperatures with Rome seeing 29C and Budapest seeing 28C.

The BBC weather forecaster noted that the new week will see more wet weather move in from the Atlantic, causing cooler temperatures in Portugal and Spain.

She said: “There will be an area of low pressure pushing eastwards through Monday.

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“Some of this could get into the far south of France but most of France will see dry weather.

“There will be some quite wet and windy weather across Finalnd where we have some red warnings in place due to the strength of the wind.

“On Tuesday, those showers will work their way further north and eastwards in France and parts of Germany.

“It will be much wetter on Tuesday for Iberia as we see some longer spells of rain.”

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