BBC Weather forecast: Warm weather clings on for one more day ahead of Arctic freeze

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood warned BBC viewers on Tuesday morning colder temperatures and frosty conditions are just around the corner as a new Arctic front will descend on the UK as soon as a band of heavy rain showers clears on Wednesday. The weather forecaster said warmer conditions will “cling on” for a bit longer in the south-east, but eventually, the freezing front will reach all parts of the country. 

She said: “Our weather front will continue to bring rain, fragmenting all the time as it careers across England and Wales, but not getting it to the south-east, where it is still relatively mild.

“We can see the cold air already starting to sink southwards.

“As we move through Wednesday, here is the cold front.

“The cold air following behind, continuing its journey, getting down eventually into the south-east.

“The mild air clinging on by the skin of its teeth in the south-east but the cold air following behind.

“It is going to be with us right the way into the weekend, eventually getting into the south-east of England.

“Here is the cloud and the rain arriving.

“Behind it, some sunshine for Wales, northern England, parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

“Showers in the west.

“Temperatures 8C to 10C form most, but still 11C and 12C in the south-east.

“More of a chance of frost going into Thursday morning. High pressure settling in. Not much of a breeze. Any fog will be slow to lift and may lift into low cloud.”

On Wednesday the plunging temperatures will hit together with some showers expected in the north and west of the UK.

During the day on Wednesday, temperatures in parts of Scotland are forecast to reach as low as 1C according to WX Charts.

By Thursday morning, frost and fog is likely to hit Britain due to the plunging temperatures.

Netweather forecaster Paul Michaelwaite said: “With clearer skies and a colder airmass overhead, there’ll also the threat of some overnight frost and fog into Thursday morning – away from the still milder, and cloudier southeast corner that is.”

Jo Farrow, Netweather forecaster, added: “For Thursday morning and more so by Friday morning there will be fog.

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“With temperatures around freezing and very light winds, there will be frost, the risk of freezing fog and dense fog in places.”

There will be a “significant change” later this week according to forecasters due to the jet stream.

The high pressure will bring drier but colder conditions overnight.

Mr McGivern said: “This time of the year with clear skies overnight and light winds that means frost and fog.

“And I think in some places during Friday and Saturday those fog patches will be dense and they are likely to last for much of the day.”

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