BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns over heavy and thundery downpour Catch quite a deluge!

UK weather: Met Office forecast thunder and showers

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The meteorologist warned the rainfall could lash down in a “relatively short amount of time” as she gave Britons the heads up over the approaching low-pressure front bringing wet weather to UK shores. Carol Kirkwood pointed out on BBC Breakfast the incoming rainclouds had the power to unleash “quite a deluge” amid sunshine and showers for most of the UK as we move towards the Jubilee Bank holiday weekend. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “Today is going to be a day of sunshine and showers and rather like yesterday, some of the showers are going to be heavy and thundery and slow-moving.

“So you could catch quite a deluge in a relatively short amount of time.

“Low pressure is firmly in charge of our weather. 

“We’ve got this weather front slipping out of the Outer Hebrides, later getting into Northern Ireland, and it’s also going to be breezy for the far South of England, frosty this morning too. 

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She continued: “There’s some fog to watch out for across parts of southern England, Wales and Scotland, but that will lift quite readily and it’s a fairly cloudy start as well for many of us, the cloud breaking up in parts as we go through the day.

“So we’re looking at sunshine and some showers but it should dry up across parts of Wales and southwest England into the afternoon.

“So rain continuing to push south getting into Northern Ireland, Belfast looking at a high today of 14 with the top temperature likely to be 17 somewhere like Cardiff or Plymouth. 

The weatherwoman continued: “Now through this evening and overnight our band of rain moves out of Northern Ireland just clipped southwest Scotland gets into northwest England and also parts of Northwest Wales.

UK weather: Met Office forecasts showers and cooler conditions

“Some further showers coming in across eastern parts of Scotland getting into central areas but in between some clear skies and the most recent patchy mist and fog forming which will lift quite readily.

“Tomorrow morning, you can see we’ve got some rain around the Manchester area as it pushes away southwards and eastwards it will turn more showery, and tomorrow is another day of sunshine and showers but having said that, the showers won’t be as frequent as they’re going to be today.

“It’ll be a bit more sunshine but it could still be thundery across parts of Central and also eastern England.”


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She added: “Temperatures 13 to about 19 degrees, and then as we head on into Thursday, what we have in this by the front in the Atlantic drifting steadily towards Northern Ireland.

“And we’ve got another system coming up from the south.

“So for Thursday itself, any mist and fog that’s formed overnight will live quite readily.

“There’ll be a lot of dry weather around some cloud building through the day with the odd isolated shower, and then we’ve got the rain coming in across Northern Ireland.”

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