BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of heavy rain as mercury plummets to 9C

Weather: A dry start to a wet and windy week in UK

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood has predicted temperatures ranging from between 13C and 20C. Forecasts for Britain predict outbreaks of showers in parts and windier conditions. Murkier conditions in South and South-Eastern parts of the UK. And drier weather for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Ms Krikwood said: “Good morning everybody, it was a pretty wet end to the day yesterday.

“And generally for many parts, some of us were lucky and got away with a lot of dry weather over the weekend.

“Especially Scotland and Northern Ireland, and this week when we lose this morning’s rain it is going to be a dryer start to the week.

“But then it turns wetter and windier, Friday is looking particularly windy and we’re looking at average temperatures.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “At the moment though we do have quite a bit of cloud and rain.

“Murky conditions central Southern and South-Eastern England.

“That will pull away, leaving behind it in its wake a lot of cloud with a few showers, for England and Wales.

“Fairley cloudy day too for Northern Ireland, with one or two brighter breaks.

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Ms Krikwood added: “And after this morning’s cloud in Southern and Eastern Scotland that will break up.

“And for you, it’s going to be another dry, sunny and warm day.

“You just might catch the odd shower across the North West.

“Temperatures ranging from 13C to about 20C.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Now through this evening and overnight, you can see how we’ve got this band of rain scooting across Southern counties of England.

“This system coming in from the North Sea, bringing more cloud into North East England and South-East Scotland.

“And the odd spot of rain and these are our overnight lows, 9C to about 14C.

“This band of cloud and some rain moves a bit further West tomorrow, and the South pushes into the SouthEast and clears.

“But later we’ve got heavier rain showing its hand in the South-West.”

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