BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns massive Saharan sandstorm to turn UK sky orange

Storm Celia to bring Saharan dust to UK says Carol Kirkwood

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Carol Kirkwood has told BBC Breakfast that strong winds could bring dust from the Saharan dust blowing in from across the continent. The Saharan dust has as grown so thick across southern Spain the sky turned a dramatic shade of orange. Ms Kirkwood explained the dust could reach southern England as soon as Wednesday as a result of Storm Celia. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “I want to start the forecast by showing you what’s been happening in Spain.

“So look at the orange sky this is Sarahan dust these pictures taken by some of our viewers yesterday in Alicante is quite spectacular. And the reason that it has happened is because of storm Celia.

“Storm Celia was named by the Portuguese met service and has been affecting parts of Spain and Portugal is produced a lot of rain 50 millimetres in less than a day so it has led to some flooding but strong winds around it have dragged the dust from the Sahara, across parts of Spain and Portugal moving across France as well as.

“There has been very poor air quality today in parts of Spain, and it could well affect us in the southeast and East Anglia on Wednesday.”

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She continued: “So if you wake up on Wednesday and your car is covered in orange dust you know where it’s coming from and why.

“Now today what we’ve got are sunny spells for most of us, but it is rather wet at the moment across western Scotland and also Northern Ireland.

“We’ve also got another little system which has been pushing northwards, producing some rain across parts of the Midlands into East Anglia as well that will tend to push away and we’ve got some early morning fog which will lift.

“Then for England and Wales, we’re looking at a fair bit of sunshine. For Scotland and Northern Ireland we still had the rain with cloud ahead of it, turning the sunshine hazy and brisk winds in the Northwest but light winds elsewhere.”

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The weather presenter added: “Temperatures today ranging from seven in the north to about 16 in the south.

“Now as we head on through this evening and overnight here is our weather front continuing to push southwards as a weakening feature, but we’ve got another one coming up from the south as well.

“Now on the other side of our weather front, which is a cold front, the air will be colder we’ll see some frost across parts of Northwest Scotland and also Northern Ireland and also some snow but on the tops of the hills in the highlands.

“Overnight lows not falling away as much as we push further south. Then as we head into Wednesday, we’ve got one front moving north and we’ve got another one coming south.” 


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Ms Kirkwood said: “Both of them are producing rain but the rain not particularly heavy at the stage.

“So here’s our weak weather front with all its cloud and it’s rain this band fragmenting and our other band moving northwards, but through the day you can see how this one does pick up a touch.

“Nonetheless, there’s not as much rain as we were expecting on Wednesday at this time yesterday.

“Behind it though what you’ll find is high pressure starts to build in so things become more settled across much of Scotland and also Northern Ireland bar a few showers across the Northwest, temperatures seven to 14 degrees.”

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