BBC Weather: Brits brace for mid-week washout as mercury drops back 4 degrees

BBC weather: Rain and breeze with outbreaks of sunshine

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor also predicted temperatures resting at around 19C to 20C. Brits are to expect to see low pressure and lots of clouds as Mr Taylor forecast medium to high pollen levels, with the highest count being in Lincolnshire.

Mr Taylor said: “Out there at the moment we do have some wet weather.

“Brought over low pressure across us, these weather fronts thought, there is not a huge on them so whilst there are plenty of clouds a mild start.

“Temperatures in the mid-teens for many, rain is very much hit and miss across central, eastern parts of England through this morning.

“That will clear through, sunshine and showers throughout the day across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Mr Taylor added: “And after a cloudy start in England and Wales, brightening up to more sunshine than showers.

“Many places will stay dry through the afternoon, it will be a little bit on the breezy side.

“Especially further North and West, but that will make it feel cooler along some of the western coast.

“With some shelter to the east on high ground, could get to around 16C in parts of Aberdeenshire, so warmer than yesterday.

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Mr Taylor said: “Now 19C to 20C across some eastern parts of England a little bit down from what you saw through yesterday afternoon.

“But pollen levels are medium to high across the country today. probably where we’ve got some of the driest and sunniest weather.

“The longest parts of the Midlands, Wales and also towards Lincolnshire where we’ve got the highest of levels.

“Now let’s go into this evening and overnight a dry start for England and Wales.

Mr Taylor added: “Showers keep going across Scotland and Northern Ireland some of those today into the night.

“Could be heavy and thunder, but later on, signs of thickening cloud and a bit more persistent rain edging towards Wales and the South West.

“The night to come, It won’t be quite as mild as the night just gone, but it will be clear of frost again 7C to 12C.

“Buth this is a weather chart, some gardeners across England and Wales will be looking forward to.”

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