BBC Weather: Breeze to bring mercury down as UK battered by more thundery rain

UK braced for more thundery rain

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood has predicted temperatures ranging from between 11C and 18C. Forecasts for Britain predict overnight showers in parts, scattery rain in the West. The South-East of England can expect to see heavy thunder, and outbreaks of sunshine are expected to break up the showers as the day goes on.

Ms Kirkwood said: “What we have today is quite a bit of cloud to start with, cloud breaking with some sunny spells around.

“But we’ve also got some scattered showers too, and some of those will be heavy and also thundery.

“So this is a weather front attached to an area of low pressure, pulling away from the overnight rain, showers will follow on behind.

“And then later there is this ridge of high pressure building in from the West that will kill off a lot of the showers in the West.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “So we’ve got the rain to start with, moving away then the showers will be fairly prolific for a time.

“They’ll merge to give some longer spells of rain, some of them will be heavy and thunder, especially in the East and the South-East.

“But later in the day as that ridge builds in it will dry up out towards the West, but even though we are seeing showers, in between them today there equally will be spells of sunshine.

“The other thing is, it’s going to be quite a breezy day with temperatures 11C in the North, to about 18C in the South.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Now through this evening and overnight, eventually most of the showers will fade, and we’ll see clearer skies.

“But then the cloud will start to build in from the West, and then we’ll see the arrival of some rain.

“Temperature-wise, well it’s not going to be particularly cold, temperatures falling away to just 7C and 11-degrees.

“Now a bright start in the far South-East but it won’t last, clouds coming in ahead of this weather front.


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Ms Kirkwood said: “The weather front bringing in the rain as it moves Southwards and Eastwards, turning increasingly patchy when doing so.

“And then behind we see a return to sunshine and showers, but through the afternoon the showers becoming more isolated.

“One Wednesday too it’s going to be windy temperatures to about 11C and 18-degrees.

“Then as we move in further on through the week, from Thursday we are looking at once again, some more rain coming our way.”

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