Barmy burglar broke into home and smeared all the kitchen worktops with cheese

A man has been jailed after breaking into someone's home and smearing their kitchen with cheddar in a bizarre burglary.

Ian Masters, 33, sneaked his way into the house in Southampton, by prising open a bathroom window and then forcing the door open at the property in broad daylight.

The brazen burglar then rummaged through the occupant's belongings and stole a Nintendo Switch, a laptop and bank letters on November 13 last year.

His crime spree left the house in a state after he smashed an internal kitchen door with a brick – which was later used to help identify him with his fingerprint, reports Metro.

Masters topped off his cheesy demonstration by covering the work surfaces with some cheese that he found in the fridge.

A police spokesman said: "Masters was sentenced to two years in prison at Portsmouth Crown Court. He had previously admitted two counts of burglary and fraud by false representation.

"The court heard how on November 13 last year, between 11.30am and 2pm, Masters broke into a property in Church Lane, Southampton, by prising open a bathroom window while the homeowners were out.

"An internal kitchen door was smashed with a brick and he proceeded to smear cheese on the kitchen surfaces and stole bank letters, a laptop and a Nintendo Switch console. These were not recovered. A fingerprint matching Masters’ was found on the bathroom window."

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Earlier this month, the Daily Star reported another outlandish burglary, which saw a man break into a home and feast on the homeowner's shrimp.

Teral Christesson also helped himself to some beer before deciding to run himself a bath at the property in New Mexico.

The armed burglar was eventually busted by the homeowner and immediately apologised before leaving $200 (£147) to fix the window he had broken.

Christesson explained that he needed a warm place to sleep and then exited the property quietly.

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