Authorities arrest suspected serial bank robber “Powder Puff Bandit”

A suspected serial bank robber dubbed the Powder Puff Bandit has been arrested and is being held at the Jefferson County Jail.

Paul Hernandez, 33, was captured earlier this week, according to a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Hernandez is know as the Powder Puff Bandit because he’s allegedly worn makeup to conceal facial tattoos during multiple bank robberies around the metro area.

Hernandez was arrested on Jan. 29 in Broomfield on suspicion of bank robbery. He posted bond and was released from jail on June 13. Hernandez then did not show up for courts dates or comply with conditions of the bond, authorities said.

He’s robbed several banks since being released on bond, according to the FBI. Hernandez allegedly last struck a bank in Englewood on Oct. 1.


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