Australian Prime Minister ploughed down primary school kid on football pitch

The Australian Prime Minister accidentally knocked down a primary school boy while playing a friendly football match in Tasmania.

Scott Morrison, who is currently on his campaign trail for re-election, was invited to join in a child's football match at Devonport Strikers Soccer Club.

The nation's leader, who was still dressed in his suit and tie, seemed eager to get involved but while attempting to pull off a tackle, he ended off ploughing into one of the boys, knocking him down.

Morrison also took a tumble, however, the pair seemed to be okay after the incident as they both got up and high-fived when the PM asked the ginger-haired young sportsman if he was alright.

Twitter users were left in hysterics over the incident and drew comparisons to a similar video of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ramming into a child while playing rugby back in 2015.

One user said: "Reminds me of this from Boris [GIF of rugby tackle clip]"

Another wrote: "Contrived PR stunt – here’s Boris doing it first."

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A third added: "Now, where have we seen this before? [GIF of Boris's rugby tackle]"

A fourth commented: "Taking political tips from Boris."

However, not everyone saw the funny side and accused Morrison of doing it deliberately as one user said: "I've watched this 10 times because I can't work out what the PM was even trying to do here (other than run over a small child.)"

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Another added: "He went straight for him. For a news story. The smirk was already on his face."

But others came to his defence, writing: "These things happen. Lmao Morrison was ball watching and with slippery soles on his shoes, laughs all-round. Funny."

A second mocked them with a meme that read: "Oh, won't somebody think of the children."

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