Aussie man and his dog rescued after 3 months stranded at sea

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An Australian man and his dog, who had been stranded at sea for months, have finally been rescued alive and well. Tim Shaddock had been missing for three months after he began a sailing journey from Mexico to French Polynesia in early April. Just a few weeks into his trip, stormy weather struck his catamaran and damaged his electronics.

This disaster left Mr Shaddock stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

He had taken his dog Bella on the trip as well.

The two are said to have survived by drinking rainwater and eating raw fish for months.

This week, he was miraculously rescued after a helicopter accompanying a tuna trawler spotted the drifting boat off the coast of Mexico and came to his rescue.

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Australian media has compared his tale to the hit Hollywood film ‘Cast Away’ starring Tom Hanks.

Incredible footage of his rescue showed a disheveled Mr Shaddock sporting an overgrown grey beard.

He can be heard telling the people on the ship: “I’ve just got fishing gear, survival gear.”

In the video, Mr Shaddock’s dog Bella was seen wagging her tail at the camera crew.

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Later speaking to Australia’s 9News, Mr Shaddock said: “I have been through a very difficult ordeal at sea.

“I’m just needing rest and good food because I have been alone at sea a long time.

“Otherwise I’m in very good health.

“I have very good medicine and I’m being looked after very well.”

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One photo after his rescue showed Mr Shaddock grinning widely as his blood pressure is taken.

Medical officials say the Australian has not suffered any major illnesses or injuries.

The sailor had also managed to avoid sunburn by hiding under a canopy on his vessel.

A specialist doctor on the trawler said Mr Shaddock will start to recover by eating small meals.

Mr Shaddock is on his way back to dry land, as he is expected to receive more treatment in Mexico.

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