Astrid Wett shares how fight will end against TikTok star in training clip

Astrid Wett has told her TikTok followers exactly how she thinks her boxing match later this month will end.

The OnlyFans star controversially pulled out of her debut bout with Elle Brooke in July, leaving her opponent to fight a replacement in Love Island's AJ Bunker.

Wett, 22, and Elle's rivalry got seriously heated in the build up to their scheduled fight with the latter even bringing a Chelsea shirt-wearing blow-up doll in a coffin to a press conference.

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A pumped-up Elle had told Astrid "you're going to bleed from every orifice on your face" before she ended up winning against Bunker.

Self-professed 'Queen of TikTok', Astrid who uploads X-rated videos to Pornhub following Chelsea final wins, previously explained that she dropped out of the fight with Elle due to the organisation of the event.

Now though she is gearing up to face fellow TikTok personality Keeley Colbran, who Simple Simon fans will know as his daughter.

The pair will go head-to-head at the Misfits Boxing and DAZN event at Sheffield's Utilita Arena on October 15 as part of a line up filled with influencers.

Astrid announced news of the fight to her fans last month: "It's happening guys… after having to pull out of a rubbish boxing card back in May, I'm so privileged to be fighting with one of the best boxing companies in the world. So I can't wait to see all of you there and Keeley, I'm coming for ya."

Astrid uploaded to her 600,000 TikTok followers on Wednesday, a clip of her training before gleefully walking out the ring.

She captioned the video "how the fight with Keeley is going to end" and "10 days to go till the fight on DAZN".

The video left some viewers confused and curious about Astrid's punching technique.

One person asked: "Why she punching with her palms."

"Hitting with the side of your hand," another commented.

A third questioned: "Your going to give up half way through and walk away?"

"What you walking out the ring and leaving after a few bare minimum punches," another put to Astrid.

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