Astrid Wett says heart is broken as she shows off horrifying boxing injuries

Astrid Wett said it "broke her heart" looking at her face after a particularly intense boxing session.

The OnlyFans legend took to Instagram to show off the brutal injuries, which had been captured in a video previously where Astrid was seen sitting down and speaking directly to the camera.

Posting to her story, a much more fresh-faced Astrid said: "I’ve just logged onto my PC, just to record some clips, right, and I’m literally like, this breaks my heart. I don’t know why, because it wasn’t bad, but, just look."

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She then turned her camera around to show the footage, which showed the undefeated influencer boxer with dark red and purple bruises under both eyes and smaller marks on her forehead and cheek.

One of her eyes also appeared bloodshot.

"Look at the… look at my face," she cried.

"I almost forget how bad it was, like look how swollen it is. It almost makes me look like I’m really sad, even though I wasn’t sad."

She then posted a still image taken from the same clip, which she captioned "lil zombie".

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Astrid defeated former Love Islander AJ Bunker in the ring earlier this month by Majority Decision to become Misfits Boxing's flyweight champion at the Telford International Centre.

It comes after Astrid's long-time rival, Elle Brooke, also defeated the reality TV star last summer in a match that was supposed to see the two OnlyFans models come head-to-head before Astrid pulled out with just two weeks' notice.

Since then fans have been eager to see the two adult film stars hash it out in the ring – but Elle hinted this may never happen earlier this year.

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Appearing on pro boxer and pal of KSI Viddal Riley's YouTube channel in the run-up to AJ and Astrid's fight on March 4, Elle shut down speculation the pair were planning a spar in the future.

"Honestly, no offence, I don't care. I am commentating the fight, so I want to stay really neutral," she told Riley in ahead of the match.

"If Astrid wins, great, I'm never going to fight her anyway. If AJ wins, she's going to call me out for a rematch. It's very dead upon dead.

"They get a belt, congrats, you're the first person to win a belt. But who are you beating for it, AJ or Astrid? Dead."


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