Air hostess terrorised by scumbag pigeons as they s**t on my hair and mock me

Residents at a block of flats in Manchester are being terrorised by pigeons that "s**t everywhere, make kids sick and even sit there mocking me".

Katie De Salvo, an air hostess who has called Albion Works in Ancoats home for six years, is at her wits' end with the birds, who are "s****ing everywhere", including on her head.

The problem, she said, has been exacerbated by the fact that "a window has been left open for 18 months," Manchester Evening News reported.

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And the broken window on the sixth floor of Block D of the Albion Works complex was first reported by residents in July 2021.

Pigeons have since nested in the area and frequently fly into corridors and defecate.

Building managers RMG have confirmed there is "a current issue with one of the smoke vents". They also have instructed repairs to be made and pest control to move in.

“There was a period where it was really bad,” Katie told the MEN. “They ended up roosting on the balcony, so we had a family of pigeons and they were s****ing everywhere.

“I’m an air hostess and one day I was leaving for work, all ready, and a pigeon s**t in my hair. If you’re coming in and out you are really vulnerable to it. I lived on the 6th floor, and when you were walking to the lift, you were running the gauntlet.”

Katie, who shares her £1,100-per-month flat with a housemate, added during cladding remediation works, the problem did cease — but only for a short time.

"They put a plastic owl up to deter them but it’s not worked. The pigeons sit next to it, mocking us," she added.

When the droppings are not striking passers-by, they are coating stairwells and handles. It’s led one mum to believe her toddler’s illnesses are caused by the poo.

“I live on the fifth floor and I have a toddler — my son is always getting sick, it’s awful,” Carmen, who pays more than £2,500 per year in service charges, said.

A spokesperson for RMG confirmed the issue is being looked at.

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