Adult star left needing dental implant after deep sex act wrecks her teeth

An adult star who made headlines for breaking her back in a foam pit has told porn stars to "brush their teeth" after she was left needing dental implants.

Adriana Chechik took to Twitter to warn her fellow adult stars that they needed to keep brushing their teeth to avoid the side effects of "deep throating".

The porn star said that while she was "nervous" ahead of the implants, it was needed after her adult performances left the enamel of her teeth worse for wear.

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Chechik has since complained of the porn industry and its impact on performers who may need "health insurance" through their line of work.

Taking to Twitter, Chechik wrote: "At the dentist today getting my implant started and I’m so nervous.

"Idk when I grew to hate the dentist…. But I blame some of this on porn… lol ladies doing a lot of deep throat remember to brush ur teeth after. That stomach acid is bad for ur enamel."

Plenty of users replied to Chechik wishing her the best ahead of her dental work, but that was not the only tweet to catch the attention of her 1.1million followers.

Another tweet from the star set out discussing the need for healthcare in porn.

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Chechik tweeted: "We should start talking about what porn does to your body so performers getting in can use caution and plan for these things as well as get health insurance.

"I wish someone would have pushed the importance of after care and even how cleaning out so much effects ur health."

It comes as Chechik revealed she "suffered yeast infections" that left her "always crying" because of her line of work.

One user replied that they had always wondered "what toll it would take on your body and mind" through a string of health woes.

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