Adorable golden retriever howls like a wolf when he hitches ride with owner

A lovely golden retriever has melted hearts and brought tears of joy to viewers when he was spotted giving a spectacular howl during a car ride.

McKenzie Kravetsky, from the US, described her dog Odin as a child, because he likes to copy whatever his owner does.

She shared a video to Facebook of the sweet moment between her husband, Joe, and Odin and jokes it is "like taking your child to work".

When Joe makes a howl, Odin, who sits at the front passenger seat, follows suit and tilts his head all the way up as if he is a wolf.

The two of them take turns howling while Joe is driving.

At one point Joe tells Odin "I love you", and the cute pooch makes a long, high-pitched howl.

Viewers loved McKenzie's light-hearted video and many were surprised to see a golden retriever howl.

One wrote: "I never knew goldens howled as much as they do. Mine is always howling at me. This is adorable."

"Looks like a fun day is about to happen," a second commented and a third said: "I've never seen a golden retriever do this so often, how sweet, I need to teach mine to do it."

In another clip, McKenzie shared the moment her husband blew raspberries on their dog's stomach.

Odin, lying on his back on a bed, made a "clucking" sound when he feels ticklish.

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"Wonder if this golden was a chicken or a hen in its past life," one viewer wrote while a second noted: "Pretty sure I heard a hen."

Others said it was "nice" to see a golden retriever bonding with his owner, adding: "This is so precious, feels like your golden is more human than a pup."

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