Adorable Alsatian pup born without back paws learns to walk using prosthetics

A one-year-old Alsatian rescue pup was fitted with prosthetic hind legs allowing him to walk properly, despite being born without back paws.

Ryder's two back feet were accidentally chewed off by its mum during the night shortly after Ryder was born.

The Miami-born German shepherd was the only survivor of 3 pups his mum birthed at the same time, with the other two tragically stillborn.

He was saved from a backyard breeder in April before being cared for and handed over to rescue shelter Picolini's.

The rescue organised a crowdfunder for Ryder's hind legs, raising more than $10,000 in two months.

One anonymous donor gave $500, while generous GoFundMe users Kathryn Banalag and James Benages each donated $300.

Animal Health and Rehab Center vet Dr Marta Sanchez-Emden said Ryder has made fantastic progress so far using his new legs.

She told Miami news channel WFOR-TV: "All his life, he walked like a kangaroo, with the stumps jumping at the same time.

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"So we want to teach him, number one, that he can walk with his spine horizontally instead of down, like before, and that he can use one leg and then the other, like a normal gait."

The whiz vet said water therapy is proving crucial to Ryder's physio work in getting used to his new legs.

Picolini's leader and crowdfunder organiser Sofia Valverde said Ryder's progress has been remarkable.

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She added: "Before he would run a little bit, or try to run, and would just have to lie down because of his back or his legs would hurt.

"He's just full of life, a happy dog. He never really thought he was different from the other German shepherds he was with."

Ryder is still getting used to his new hind legs but will soon be up for adoption.

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