You backed those rules Labour MP squirms as calls for Boris Johnson resignation slammed

Rees-Mogg clashes with Marr over 'perspective' of Partygate

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The Labour MP fumbled in an interview with broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer as he tried to justify his calls for Boris Johnson to resign. Khalid Mahmood was outspoken in his criticism of the Prime Minister as he denounced the Tory leader for ‘flouting’ covid regulations. The TalkTV presenter bashed the Labour representative for his support of the harsh lockdown measures featured in Sir Keir Starmer’s statement to Parliament.

She argued “the rules were the problem, rather than the breaching of them by the Prime Minister.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer referenced a “powerful performance” made by Sir Keir Starmer in his speech to parliament.

The Labour leader “talked about a man called John Robinson, unable to hold the hand of his dying wife” due to severe social distancing restrictions.

Sir Keir called the Prime Minister a “man without shame” as he claimed Boris Johnson “does not respect the sacrifices British people have made.”

Ms Hartley-Brewer was quick to highlight the lockdown restrictions criticised as part of Sir Keir’s statement, had been thoroughly supported by Labour MPs at the time.

“Your party, you included, backed these rules at the time,” Ms Hartley-Brewer accused Mr Mahmood of hypocrisy.

Mr Mahmood struggled to defend his prior support of the restrictions as he argued “there was scientific evidence” that supported harsh lockdown measures.

The broadcaster bashed the Labour MP’s response: “You honestly believe that a man shouldn’t be allowed to say goodbye to his dying wife?” 

Ms Hartley-Brewer described the restrictions backed by the Labour party as “cruel, nasty, horrible, unnecessary” sanctions against the British public.

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Mr Mahmood remained adamant the introduction of lockdown measures did reduce the tragic impact of the pandemic.

The Labour MP claimed “all of our lives were saved,” by following social distancing guidelines.

He described the sacrifices of the public as “necessary to save the nation”.

The Labour MP criticised Boris Johnson for failing to abide by covid restrictions that were in place to prevent the spread of the virus as it ravaged the country. 

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Ms Hartley-Brewer berated the defence of the Labour MP as a “load of nonsense”.

She argued the harsh lockdown measures “didn’t save anyone’s life” and called the restrictions “cruel and unnecessary at the time.”

As Sir Keir focused on the heart-breaking impact of the restrictions in his speech, Ms Hartley-Brewer announced the measures discussed were “whole-heartedly” supported by Labour MPs.

Amid the ongoing partygate scandal, the journalist claimed it was not the Prime Minister who was at fault for breaking the rules but instead “the rules were the problem”.

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