Will the EU exist in 2030? Britons mock Graylings referendum plot on UK re-joining bloc

Brexit has been a 'pretty big disaster' says Lord Adonis

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Yesterday, the staunch rejoiner predicted the UK will rejoin the bloc in less than 10 years. Taking to Twitter, Mr Grayling wrote: “We will be back in the EU in less than 10 years. Here’s how: electoral reform, through progressive alliance for next election.

“A reformed parliament with LDs & Greens in the coalition will be receptive to another say on EU membership.

“We will win that referendum conclusively.”

However, following his comments, many people hit back at the rejoiner and claimed the EU will not exist in 10 years’ time following the rise of Euroscepticism across the bloc.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “The question really should be: Will the EU still exist by 2030?”

Someone else said: “Pure, unadulterated comedy gold from Grayling and his remainiac cohorts.

“He has really made me laugh this morning.”

Another Express.co.uk reader mocked: “My dead dog has more active brain cells than Grayling and Adonis put together.”

A fourth person commented: “Remoaners really are delusional.

“Especially when you make failing Grayling a major part of your campaign, you know you’re in trouble.”

Someone else echoed: “There are none so blind as Remainers.

“They can’t accept Democratic votes that don’t go their way.

“We Leave voters waited over 40 years to get a chance to leave that corrupt club.

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“Maybe ask for another referendum in 2056 and we will think about it.”

A sixth person added: “Arch remainer says the Lib Dems (12 MPs) and the Greens (one MP) will return the UK to the EU.

“Has arch remainer Grayling been having a go on the hippy crack?”

Another reader echoed: “Lib Dems and Greens in power?

“The Teletubbies will be in charge before them!”

Someone else commented: “Can you imagine what the EU will look like in 10 years’ time after the French and Germans have had free reign??

“Don’t think it will look very appealing…”

And a ninth person dubbed Mr Grayling as a “complete idiot” and wrote: “This guy is living proof that being educated does not stop you from being a complete idiot.”

Earlier this month, Mr Grayling outlined a plan to take down Boris Johnson Johnson in the next election.

He tweeted: “A progressive alliance and electoral reform are our salvation.

“Citizens must form relentless pressure groups to get the opposition parties in their areas to field a single candidate on a PR platform for the next election – afterwards the parties can return to tribal squabbling.”

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