‘We’ve had no action!’ DUP leader accuses Boris of failing to address hated Brexit deal

Boris Johnson has ‘abandoned Brexit’ says Gerald Howarth

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Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP said the Prime Minister should prioritise Northern Ireland instead of being distracted by the ongoing partygate controversies surrounding Downing Street. The DUP leader called on Mr Johnson to “be the Prime Minister the people need” as the union faces “serious problems”.

He told Sky News: “I would say this to the Prime Minister: Northern Ireland is an important part of the United Kingdom.

“You’re our prime minister and if you want to build confidence, then do what other prime ministers did in the past, recognise that we have a serious problem here and instead of being focused on what’s going on in Downing Street, be the Prime Minister the people need.

“Reach out to Northern Ireland, help us to resolve these issues, make this a priority, let’s get our political institutions restored on the basis of sound foundations.

“We can’t go on with the situation where serious problems like we have here in Northern Ireland are not getting the attention they deserve.”

The comments come just days after Northern Ireland’s first minister, Paul Givan, tendered his resignation in protest at the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The protocol ensures free movement of trade across the Irish land border after Brexit.

The First Minister’s resignation could signal the end of the current power-sharing structure at Stormont.

Mr Givan said: “The delicate balance created by the Belfast and St Andrew’s Agreements has been impacted by the agreement made by the United Kingdom and the European Union which created the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

Mr Givan’s resignation also means Michelle O’Neill also loses her position as Deputy First Minister.

Sinn Féin has called for an early assembly election as a result.

Sir Jeffrey continued: “The Prime Minister did let us down and let us down badly and at the Conservative Party conference this year, he apologised to me.

“The problem is that we’ve had a lot of words about triggering Article 16, which the Protocol allows the Government to do in circumstances where there’s economic or societal or political harm caused by the Protocol, and yet we haven’t had any action.”

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The comments from Northern Ireland’s longest serving current MP also come after DUP minister Edwin Poots ordered officials to halt post-Brexit checks at Northern Ireland’s ports arriving from Great Britain.

Mr Poots said the checks were being stopped as part of the DUP’s opposition to the protocol. 

Unionists claim the checks which ensure compliance with EU laws threaten the region’s status in the UK.

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