‘We’re not asking for your darkest secrets’ Dr Amir slams those who refuse to have vaccine

Dr Amir criticises argument for not taking coronavirus vaccine

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Dr Amir Khan appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend vaccine passports and supported their introduction to reopen the economy.

Dr Khan argued there was too much “misinformation” about the vaccine and that the vaccine passport was only a small part of a bigger plan to tackle the pandemic.

Dr Khan said that some international travel already requires vaccination passports and that it was important to introduce them as coronavirus affects other people and is not an individual experience. 


Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the doctor said: “Don’t get this argument that we were giving away our medical data our medical records, it’s one point of your medical records we’re not asking for your deepest darkest secrets that you may have discussed with your GP.

“It is just about whether you’ve been vaccinated or not and we do that over and over again.

“If you’ve ever travelled to certain parts of the world, you may have to disclose that you’ve had the yellow fever vaccine, if you’ve gone to Saudi Arabia, like I have, I got to have the meningitis vaccine.

“It’s not a new concept and we’ve got to get away from this weird declaring our medical data it’s one point of that, and I have seen the devastation this virus has caused I had conversations with relatives on a regular basis, who have lost people and if vaccine eating gets us out of those conversations.

Kate Garraway then put to Dr Khan: “That’s the point that dominates making is that there’s still so much as there are people who don’t like the principle of vaccinations they don’t trust that is it morally right. They should be forced into having it mandated by the back door.

He replied: “No, nobody should be forced into having it is always their choice

“But as we said, you know, those choices do have consequences because your choice impacts other people and there is increasing evidence that the vaccines do reduce transmission.

“So if you’re getting on a flight, full of people who have been vaccinated, and you haven’t been vaccinated there is a chance that you could be spreading it around to people who haven’t yet had the vaccine.”

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