We’re NOT a power! UK ‘second-rank nation’ after ‘Brexit bombast’ – John Major lets loose

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The former Prime Minister is regularly critical of Brexit and previously warned those responsible would never be forgiven. And now Sir John has claimed Britain is no longer a “great power” and warned the country will “never be so again”.

In his Middle Temple’s Treasurer’s Lecture in London yesterday, Sir John said: “We are no longer a great power.

“We will never be so again.

“We are a top second-rank power but, over the next half century – however well we perform – our small size and population makes it likely we will be passed by the growth of other, far larger, countries.”

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, Sir John argued Britain is no longer relevant to both the bloc and the US.

He continued: “In recent decades, we have consoled ourselves that we ‘punch above our weight’ in international affairs.

“Our hefty international influence rested on our history and reputation, buttressed by our membership of the European Union and our close alliance with the United States.

“Suddenly, we are no longer an irreplaceable bridge between Europe and America.

“We are now less relevant to them both.”

Sir John claimed Brexit was sold on lies and has ended up costing billions rather than saving money.

He continued: “Brexit was sold to the nation as a win-win situation. It is not.

“We were promised we would stay in the Single Market. We have not.

“We were told trade with the EU would be frictionless. It will not be.

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“We were promised we would save billions in payments to the European Union: a bus was driven around the country telling us so.

“Not so: Brexit is costing billions – not saving them.”

He added Brexit will be “more brutal” than anyone expected once the transition period ends in December.

He said: “It now seems that on January 1 next year, Brexit may be even more brutal than anyone expected.

“Because of our bombast, our blustering, our threats and our inflexibility – our trade will be less profitable, our Treasury poorer, our jobs fewer and our future less prosperous.”

In his speech, Sir John also warned about the long-term implications for the Union and said Brexit has increased support for Scottish independence.

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