We must be doing something right! Bitter EU mocked over constant digs at Brexit Britain

EU: British expats ‘suffering’ over visa backlog says expert

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This comes after German weekly newspaper Der Freitag launched an extraordinary attack, claiming “nobody wants to join Boris Johnson in Great Britain”. The criticism was sparked by the UK’s Global Talent visa, which offers fast-track routes for people considered to be leaders in their fields. However, Express.co.uk readers hit out at Der Freitag, which said the UK government was “making a mockery of itself”.

One reader, Polly Ticks, wrote: “Macron has already had a pop at us, and now the Germans.

“We must be doing something right.”

This follows simmering tensions between France and the UK, over fishing rights and channel crossings.

Mr Macron uninvited Home Secretary Priti Patel to talks on the migrant crisis, after he criticised Mr Johnson for tweeting a letter to the French government, rather than communicating directly.

Mr Macron said: “I am surprised by methods when they are not serious.

“We do not communicate from one leader to another on these issues by tweets and letters that we make public.

“We are not whistleblowers. Come on. Come on.”

Another Express.co.uk reader, Piddle in the Park, said that the criticism from the German news outlet “sounds more like somebody is trying to convince themselves rather than facing the truth.”

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They wrote: “Unlike Unilever and Shell who will undoubtedly bring its talent to the UK, and the financial sector specialists who have come to realise that London is still the main financial hub on this side of the pond.

“Sounds more like somebody is trying to convince themselves rather than facing the truth.

“God knows the UK has its problems, but put alongside those of the EU they pale into insignificance, and if we don’t like those who are tasked with fixing our issues we can always vote them out, unlike the EU who are stuck with them.”

EvangelineMcDowell said: “Unpopular regimes always mouth off.”

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Another reader, themanfromtharl, added: “The Germans are jealous of the UK.

“That’s why they are having a pop at us.”

Meanwhile, a fifth, Leytonman said: “Who cares what they say because it’s just sour grapes.”

A Freedom of Information request filed by the New Scientist revealed that no one working in science, engineering, the humanities or medicine has applied for a visa through this route since the scheme was launched in May.

The admission from the Home Office caused some Express.co.uk readers to question the desirability of Britain, with one user, AlwaysEuropean, writing: “World leaders in science and technology were attracted to UK because of our EU membership.

“Not anymore. The best and brightest will go elsewhere.

“So much for global Britain.”

But other commentators have noted that the issue with the scheme is not that no one wants to come to Britain but that other successful schemes already exist.

Andrew Clark, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, said that his organisation is happy with the current number of applications from foreign scientists.

He said: “In many cases, applicants would be eligible for multiple routes.

“We wouldn’t want to focus on the use of any particular route over a six-month period, but rather the overall success.”

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