‘We are ready for no deal!’ Redwood dismantles Remainer Brexit fears with brilliant point

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Tory MP and Brexiteer John Redwood argued that the UK was ready for a no deal Brexit arrangement with the European Union. While speaking to Martin Daubney and Belinda De Lucy on their show Brexit Unlocked, on the Un-locked YouTube channel Mr Redwood admitted that a no deal arrangement was looking more liklely due to the state of trade talks with the EU. He added that the UK was ready for a no deal Brexit and the UK had already shown it could handle the perceived difficulties with imports and exports and the border.

When asked is Britain ready for a no deal situation, Mr Redwood said: “Yes, of course, I think we are ready for a no deal Brexit.

“I do understand why they make such heavy weather of it as the Remainers don’t want us to do it.

“But there is no good reason in fact why they should make such heavy weather of a no deal.”

Mr Redwood proceeded to dismiss the concerns of Remainers and argued Britain would thrive.

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He continued: “Remainers say that our borders couldn’t cope with it all and we don’t know how to do it.

“Well of course we know how to do it.

“We operate at the moment borders that force European tariffs and rules on products.

“It is all done electronically and it is not done with someone with a cash register at Dover.

“We don’t have someone checking each lorry and take £20 notes off them to pay the import duties.

“It is done electronically and so it will be done like this if we leave the European Union without a trade deal.

“There will be a whole range on the electronic manifest lorry as there are today.

“If there needs to be a tariff as well it is just another line on the manifest.”

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