Voters slate Boris Johnson ahead of pivotal vote as more Britons plan turn to Greens

Voters slate Boris Johnson ahead of local elections

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Previously Conservative voters have announced their disdain towards the Tory Party ahead of local elections on Thursday. Voters in Belper declared their frustration with Boris Johnson and many explained they had turned their allegiance towards the Green Party. GB News discussed the local elections with the Derbyshire constituents, whose seat is currently held by the Tory party. One woman said: “I’ve done a postal vote and I’ve voted Green because they do a lot in Duffield, they’ve done a lot of things that are suitable for older people.”

Voters in the Conservative constituency were keen to express their shifting support towards minority parties.

Another resident added: “We think that probably Labour are the only people generally who go against the Tories, but Green is definitely something that we think is more the way to go.

“Generally, we’re always thinking, do we tactically vote or do we vote with what we really believe?”

Many voters appeared torn between a vote for their personal political beliefs and a tactical vote to oust the Conservative party.

The loyalty of some voters appeared tested by frustrations surrounding broken manifesto promises.

One Belper resident said: “I think I’m going to go for the Green Party this time, mainly because I’ve had enough of Labour and the Conservatives.

“I think they just all chat rubbish don’t they? – I’ve had enough of them.”

The cost of living crisis is certain to be a core influence as Brits cast their votes in local elections.

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It appeared even the most resilient Conservative voters had been challenged by recent party revelations.

Another man added: “I’ve been a lifelong Conservative voter and in fact, I even stood to be the MP of an area not so far from here.   

“I think they’ve completely lost the plot, to be honest, absolutely lost the plot and they won’t be getting my vote this time around.”

Another resident appeared to have lost all interest in the vote: “No, I’m not planning on voting at all, I don’t think it really matters at this minute in time who we vote for, who’s in power – we’re still going to be in the same position either way.”

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A few residents remained defiant in their support of the current Prime Minister and the Tory party.

And another resident added: “I still think, despite all the stories that have been going on about Boris and everything, I still think he’s done an amazing job for us.

“He’s had to deal with everything going on through Covid and Ukraine more than anything and I think he’s been there for us the whole way, through and through.”

“Yes, he’s made mistakes, but I think any party in that position would have made mistakes and as far as local councils go, I’m happy with the decisions they’ve made for us.”

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