UK should have been MUCH tougher on BLM protestors, say Tory faithful

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In the wake of two weekends where the country was scarred by riots, police took the knee with protesters and statues were pulled down or threatened, Boris Johnson’s core support have said that his government’s response was “poor”. The results in a survey carried out by Conservative Progress showed that from 4,013 respondents, 52.6 percent were unhappy with the government’s handling of the protests which also saw protesters able to break strict social distancing rules and potentially threaten a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The results came before foreign secretary Dominic Raab caused controversy by suggesting that the act of taking a knee looked like subjugation.

While Labour and leftwing activists criticised him, the foreign secretary received backing from Conservative members.

The poll also found that 96.1 percent thought media coverage was biassed in favour of the protests.

A total of 64.6 percent also thought counter demonstrations were justified to protect statues even though they were also marred by violence from rightwing thugs.

In a sign that they want law and order enforced, 96 percent wanted jail terms for violent protesters.

The poll showed that 73 percent do not think there is institutional racism in the UK and 84.7 percent disagree with the removal of statues with possible historical links to the slave trade.

Respondents were split between 40 percent party members and 60 percent Conservative supporters.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress said: “The results of our survey show that there is a big appetite in the registered and non-registered Conservative base for the government to get a handle on the protests, give more power to the police to help them deal with the violence and take decisive action. 

“The public mistrust of the mainstream coverage is clear, and the opinions of an overwhelming majority vehemently reinforce allegations of bias in the media.” 

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